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5-Piece Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush Set in Bamboo + Natural Boar Bristle (Beige): 3 Targeted Dry Brushes for Body, 1 Face Brush, 1 Removable Handle > Exfoliation, Skin Health, Lymphatic, Cellulite

Dry skin brushing is recommended by naturopaths, celebrities, and glow warriors. Save money when you skip high-priced spa brush treatments and treat yourself at home every day!

Check out the LONG list of nourishing, natural health and beauty benefits you’ll experience >>> Cellulite treatment and smoothing, anti-aging treatment, skin bump removal, dry skin treatment, self-massage, support for lymphatic and circulatory systems, immune support, gentle exfoliation, holistic skin care, adrenal support, skin stimulation and brightening, natural detox support, reduction of puffiness and inflammation, protection of skin barrier, soap-free cleansing.

Our dry brush set includes 4 specialized brushes.

1 Exfoliating body brush, 1 Lymphatic and Cellulite Massager, 1 Detox combo brush, and 1 dry brush for face.

Our durable dry brushing set is made of high-quality materials that reach all parts of the body with ease.

The eco bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel.

You’re taken care of.

When you do business with us, you get a company that supports your inner and outer beauty. Expect premium packaging, materials, and outstanding customer care. You can also look forward to ongoing education and inspiration with tutorials, tips and resources to support self-love, healthy habits, and wellness.

Ready to try dry brushing but still not sure if you’ll like it? Already a dry brush expert? Either way, you’re covered.

We offer a zero-risk, 30-day replacement promise + a 90-day full warranty. Order today and give yourself the gift of glow!

All listing claims and guarantees apply only to items bought directly from Glow Utopia.THIS MULTI-TASKING 4-BRUSH SPA SET HAS ALL THE ESSENTIALS A DRY BRUSHER NEEDS FOR A VERSATILE ROUTINE > Many dry brush sets arrive with cracked wood or plastic parts, or little extras that wind up as clutter. Our earth-friendly, eco bamboo has a higher compressive strength than brick or concrete, and a tensile strength that rivals steel. Stiff, 100% natural, high-quality boar bristles are a traditional Asian beauty secret, softer than cactus bristle, and have few to no unsightly black hairs.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRY BRUSH RITUAL WITH 4 BRUSH TYPES THAT TARGET DIFFERENT CONCERNS > While most sets only contain 1 or 2 brush types, our set features 4: 1 Exfoliating brush, 1 Lymph and Cellulite Massager, 1 Ultimate Detox brush, and 1 face brush. Irritated, dry, dull skin? Frustrated by preventable signs of aging? Texture issues like cellulite or skin bumps? Need to de-puff, detox, or increase energy? Our set does it all. Get Brush Solutions guide in e-brochure to match brush type to concern.
HEALTHY, NATURAL GLOW JUST GOT WAY EASIER > Our light, 13.25 in. handle stays in place with gentle press. Choose from 3 heads to use with or without detachable handle for superior accessibility and maximum options. Light and compact, the set enables easy reach of ALL body parts, including back, feet and legs. Take apart and our natural skin brush set is travel and storage friendly.
WE EMPOWER YOU, INSIDE AND OUT > In an image and perfection obsessed world, we think Self-Love + Health = Beauty. Our US brand is created for women by a woman. And we see dry brushing as a multi-tasking, self-love ritual that optimizes skin, health and self esteem. Dry brushing is the ancient practice of scrubbing totally dry skin with a dry, stiff-bristled brush before showering or bathing.To dry brush correctly, use brushes on TOTALLY dry skin.
THE ONLY 30-DAY REPLACEMENT PROMISE > Life isn’t perfect but your skin should be. That’s why we offer a risk-free, 30-day full replacement promise. If your set arrives in less than perfect condition, we’ll replace it in full or part, on us. We also offer a full 90-day refund: 60 days past Amazon’s. Get ongoing education, tutorials, and support on our Facebook page and website. Set includes “Dry Brush 101 How-To Guide” and “Super Simple 3-Step Ritual” to help you get started right away.

Price: $22.95
(as of Feb 16,2019 05:26:59 UTC – Details)

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